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About the Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition (IGHC)


The Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition (IGHC) plays a crucial role in promoting research and teaching on global and international issues and themes. It will be a significant contributor to the academic and intellectual sides of the University’s internationalization mission, contributing to research excellence, student experience, and community engagement. It not only seeks to integrate students into research and creative projects on globalization and bring scholarly research into the classroom, but it also aims to examine the activist impact of globalization scholarship in the material world.


The IGHC is uniquely positioned to foster an intellectual community of faculty and students working across disciplines on the phenomenon of globalization approached from various critical perspectives. Focusing on the relation between the local and the global, it aims to examine the impact of and tension created by the forces of globalization in a variety of areas, including the environment, health, civil society, government, trade, cultural production, and political activism.

Internationally Recognized

Institute members have achieved Canadian and international recognition in their respective areas of research, including conflict and security, environmental sustainability, labour and the economy, identity and religion, indigeneity, governance and citizenship, health and social policy, historical perspectives, and literature, media and popular culture.